Hi! Bijou Shitokakishan welcome u to Ghopal

Welcome to Ghopal villege, user, this is hometawn of me myself Bijou Shitokakishan. I rickshaw driver slesh artist speshelize is high kwelity music, dence preformance. I also modarn renessence men with many talant, I video gemes maker (check betverse.io where u can play some BijouGames), DJ (author of Nana Nana Na, click video it crazie gut trek), seriel enterpriser,  crypot investor, tradar, expert in blockschain… Im fander and CEO of BijouCoin (BIJOU), vry success ICO, and BijouGames studio. Plez contact me to book dence performence or spitch at bloquechain confrence.

Don’t forged to get suscriber to Bijou TV for know before evryboy about new amzing video published ! Bijou TV LINKE. Now Im heve prablem. See there is video on righte side, and Im need text to fill whitespece otherwize its uglie (yah Bijou site is must look amzing to retian visitor, contense is king but it mast attractive vizually too!). So what to do? Eazie. You are jast rite some crap filler. How to do? Im do it rite now! Now let me save pege and see if its okay alreadie or Im shoud continue. Thenk.

Okay Im see there still blenk to fillege, so Im continue. Hopfully it is readie soon coz Im start to lakh imaginashen. 

BijouGames and BijouCoin News/Annances

Bijou is humiliete Kek in Cryptoblast

Hi! In this video Im not pley BijouGames, but another worst app name Cryptoblast. Pipol are sey wow wow wow so herd this geme... Im not underststand, Im think Keke the clawn is vry clamsie, when Bojou is is pley that geme its like Sundae wolk in a sunnie afternoon....

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How gamer like Bijou?

Hi! After tremendas demond Im finelly rite artickel about how become gr8 gamer like Bojou. As once can see in Telegraph or Bettverse Bojou is thrust leaderbord top. Meny pipol are jalouse (some even uze photochop to meke feke rank), but plez sorrie its not my folt if...

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Where you are Bijou

Hi user, you wander why Bojou site is not update... So plez Im explian what is go on. Flowing amzing succass of BijouCoin ICO that is raize 0.19 ETH, Im decide to uze gut those monies by create BijouGames startap. What is BijouGames? BijouGames is Bijou Shitokakishan...

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Become partnerchips of BijouCoin (BIJOU)!

Hi! You are a CEO, shop owner, non prafit boss, crypot fander... Here is the most excite opportunty of the year: become partneschip of BijouCoin? Why? How? When? Read more, but in nutshield its eazie, u heve to do almost nothing, its open to anyboy and u profit....

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BijouCoin airdrop: Im give way 10 million BIJOU!

Wow wow wow! Another crypotcrash, another dipreshen... Dont warrie Bjou will add some green to your profolio with this amzing airdrop. How to persipate, how meny coin... Im tell rite now. BIJOU airdrop: 200 lucky basterd will get 50,000 toklank (half lakh) Im give way...

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Kirana Shop accepts BijouCoin!

Hi! Doneshen campain of BijouCoin (BIJOU) has barley start that we lend our first parnterschip! Im very trill to annance that Kirana Shop become the vry first shop to offishelly accept BIJOU as payment methad! We fulfill a promiss we not even meke by create uzecaze of...

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How to see BijouCoin (BIJOU) in purse

You heve persipate to BijouCoin doneshen campaign and hopfully you are receive your toklank, but you are not see them in purse in MEW or Metamusk. Dont warrie its not scem, colm dawn you jast have to add toklank contrack to you purse. Bijou is explian how. BijouCoin...

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Ghopal wizdom and edukashen centre

Im owe u the true: Im Elvis

Dear uzer, hi. You long not hear about your fevret boy, Bojou, for a wile. I sarrie. As you know a vry nastie dizeaze is spred all over the word. Menie boys get sick, in some pleces haspitels are overwelmed. You are tell to stey homie, only go out to buoy food etc. It...

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Why electrick cars is suck

Hi uzer. Today as a vry satisfy rickshow adopter, Im want to FUD some inferar transporteshen vehical: electrick car. Today uzer Im want to explian why eletrick car is overhype (to parafraze my frend Noureil Roobini) and why smoky cars are much best opshen for normal...

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Why You Are MAST Enter ALT coins market NOW

Evry crypot investar who is invest ALT coiners is know that price is been REKT sinse ICO. Menie coins heve lost moast of its value, from 90 to 99%. So yah menie boys still show optimist becoz they hope some idiat will buoy their worseless coin, but in realty they dont...

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Why there no woter ishue

Hi uzer. Today Im want to adress an big misunderststsand about woter. Manie ecologicks/hippy are cliam there is woter shortege, its preshies like gold and you are must to uze it very shyly. Bulkshit. Bojou is now set reckord str8 with facts and inconvenience true....

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MiceRace.com: new bread of gambeling entrainment

Hi, how r you? Im good thenk, today Im want to shere sth a villeger is have bring to my attenshen : micerace.com. Its an amzing consept of online gambeling mede by a few boys with gr8 idea that is to meke race mouses and let pipol watch and bet monies. How work Mice...

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Bijou guide to Apex Lenged

Hi! Agian long time no see. Plez its normel, Bijou is heve gut computer (not thenks to crypot Im must sey) and start pley gemes like APex Lenged. WHat is this geme? Its call battel royal geme. What is it? Its online geme in which you are fight many boys, in caze of...

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How to mine ETN with phonie an get free tolaks?

Invest in crypot is so risk. Many pipol heve lost monies, well not relly lost coz they not sell and prey for bull ran. But now they scere to buoy, even game changer toklaks at discant price. So what to do? Simpel answer from me myslef: mine ETN with phonie with free...

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Trade.io TIO heck, 50 millan toklanks lost

As per revolushen exchenge projeck annance, Trade.io (TIO) has lost 50 millian toklank after heck of cold purse. WHat is cold purse? It's electronic hardwear wallet you hide in freazer so noboy is found it. But in caze of TIO one boy found, stole toklank and sell on...

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Bijou funnie memes about crypot

When I rishe wit crypot

When you poor like me what is suck most is you cannot dress gut, you mast dress bed. So when I rishe with crypot farst thing I do, beside breg to my frend, familie and collages, is to buy nice clots. I'm think Gootchi, it very nice and class, soon hole Ghopal will be...

Noureil Roobini is lost it

Evryboy know now Noueril Roobini, econmist speshelieze in wrang predict. He is make very angrie testimony in American Senete again crypot so he can improve his lost rate on econmy crash predicts (basicly he predick crasch evry year, so when he rite he can breg about...

Beka is kill by bed Ether

Somtimz markat is very crool, it cheet so mach that it can kill you... Mining projeckt Ambite is relly not luck with ETH crasch.