Evry crypot investar who is invest ALT coiners is know that price is been REKT sinse ICO. Menie coins heve lost moast of its value, from 90 to 99%. So yah menie boys still show optimist becoz they hope some idiat will buoy their worseless coin, but in realty they dont buoy coz they lost hospe. Its big misteke, and today Bojou is explian why you ARE mast enter ALT coin market now if u not owner.

Why buoy ALT?

Its vry eazie: becoz as the say is saying, ONE MEN TRASH IS TRAYSURE OF ANOTHER MEN. But let me explian more.

Leanr complicate tecknology

Why meke simpel when u can meke complicate? Linuks uzers completlie understtsand what Bojou is mean. Reallie, why dabel click on install.ex when u can type so menies commandos sudo install ./foalder coco mojo? So crypot is to monies/assets what linuks is to computer oprating system. Somhow u undertstsand adventenges, but its so unconvencience that it meke u miss crappie Window. So get in ALT is gr8 way to leanr complicate tecknology, vry bad process (Im suggest u steak MWAT, for exampler), ERC20 BEP20 EOSNET Verger ecosystah TRON TRON TRON. Lern about gas, contract limiter, amzing speed and effishiense of blockchin tecknology (like wait 10 min and pey 2 dallars to minter… 2 dallars of stabel coin out of SYN tokrak… such effishience).

Opportune to buoy a (cheep) hardwear wallet

You see, crypot is uze vry compleks algorizem to warranty secure. But still, you are mast take vry serias masures not be cheated. So you are mast buoy hardwear wallat. This is mean you have now vry sefe way to keep your precias coins… It uze to be vry hard and expencive to buoy, but now price have clapsed with crypot market.

But now there is another prablem : you are mast store your semen fraze in secure. What is semen fraze? Its list of words that meke it passibel to access your wallat in case your Tresor or Ledjer Nono is broke, is stole, fall in desi daru glass, get stack becoz of update, etc. So u are mast write it on paper (becoz not forged that electronick is alwez bestie according to crypot fanbois). Then what to do with paper? Store secure, in safe. So now u are must buoy safe to be safe. And hide it in sefe place. Yah so complicate, Im heve hedake too.

Lern be precize and attenshen

In crypot the slight misteke can lead to finanshel catastrofee. Misteke in gas price, in address, in decimal can ruin your finences. So crypot is a gr8 way for pipol with attenshen deficit to hopfully improve.

Feel smert when u tok in society

Imagine what impress it will be when u will tok in society about how you went for FrokDelta to buoy some crappie coin… From try to buoy ETH with your monies, all transfer to exchenge, smert purchese amang vry low likwidity and back to your wallat, you can eazie spend morning full of thrill adventure… You will be star of the party, and pipol will look at you like you are some kinder of Enshtein.

New hooby

Crypot is vry recommond for pipol who heve too much time and are boared. For exampler unemploy, retire pipol, houzewive, mellenials… Given all its ineffishiecies its a gr8 way to killer time, for exampler when you are wiat for your transection to be complete on Etherneum bockchin with an affordabel gas price, wait 2 weeks for KYC on Kazakstan exchenge where is list one gr8 tokrkak with 100x potenshel.

Buoy be4 its 2 late

You reallie heve to harrie b4 its 2 later. Im srias, there vry littel widow now for you to act. Becoz all the benkers like JP Mortgage, Golden Smacks will buoy all the coins cheep? No no no, becoz crypot ALT is in terminal stadium of a vry bed disease that no amant of kwinine can cure. So now is reallie your last opportune to buoy ALT… HURRIE.