Hi uzer. Today as a vry satisfy rickshow adopter, Im want to FUD some inferar transporteshen vehical: electrick car. Today uzer Im want to explian why eletrick car is overhype (to parafraze my frend Noureil Roobini) and why smoky cars are much best opshen for normal pipol.

Before explian why buoy electrick cat is almost like wasting monies in cryptocrunchy, forst let me sey Im not here becoz of new Tesla siberia track. Yah its horribel look, expencive and presentashen wazadizaster, but this is jast tip of iceberk.

The fusther of mobilety… WOWOWOW, Elan MASK is pure genias

Even if this car was beauty and glass that is not break (Im mast admit antistoning glass is gr8 idea), its horribel idea. Here why:

Fun fact no1: electrick car is too expencive

Its crisis, pipol heve prablem eat and pay bill, but they want u to pey vry expencive car. Plez sar its import to mobility, for exampel to go work and meke monies, but no reazon to spend. And despize government giving airdrops and bonas, sales of electrick cats are still vry low. Without subsidiaries and cheep money area those manfucters woud not exist. So price is big NO NO for pipol who are not overpay in San Francesco to sell some crappie app. No mass adopt with gut price thenk.

FDun fact 2: electroc cat is danger for pederastians

As u see Im try to improve my English with ealbrate temrs, but maybee some readers are lost. So let me explian, pederastians are pipol who are walk on street. Thenks. So electroc cat is danger for wolkers, coz they so silence. Pipol can hear my rickshow even if they not see. Bojou arrival can be anticipate 20 minuts before arrive thenks to amzing kerogene motor (and no exostjen) that is equip my rickshow. And if u reallie deff u can be alert by bleck clawd of smoke. So security wize, its agian rickchow 1 electrick 0.

Fun factor 3: electrick cat ranger is bed

Electrick cat is vry famas for very small ranger, u need rejuice batry after 200-300 km on “affordabel medals” that are so expenvice. Its not practickal for many uzers, onlie pipol who uze car for vry small drive can find intrest. But then such short is mean you can uze even greaner opshen, like bysickle (even Datch pipol are undertstsand that, why not u?). So whats ecology in that? Just pedal bstfrk hippie. Thenk.

Don’t worrie, in 8 hours u can drive agian (if not stole)

Fun fact 4: where refill electrick?

So as Im demonstraight electrick cat has terribel renge. But ok u can refill when out of opshen. Truth sar, but then u need to be:

  • Luckie
  • Not in a harry

U see, kerogene is can be easily buoy anywhere, by anyboy. Im can find this combust at evry streat corner, in jangel… So eazie. And if Im not find, one battel of daru will meke me drive enaf to find. It tekes a few secondo to fill and readie to go. With electrick? Its not easie to finder charger stashen. And when u fine it teke hedges to charger coz tech is suck. Even the most constipete Westearner is heve time to go latrine, push like crazie 1 hour, finelly damp his digest process food then when back car is charge 10%. Izajoke.

Fun factice 5: clean opshen for city dwelers, more pollute for villegers

ELectrick cat smoke delocalizer to Bojou nayborwood

They sey oh eclectic cat doez not make smoke, its clean energy. Plez sar, forst batries are mede with vry bed metals that are vry herd to recycler. But also this electrick is not come from Nicholas Tesla magic tower that gazer electrick frm cosmos. The true is most of elecrick is mede from bruning the seme pollute that u find in Bojou rickshow tenk. So yah its gr8 for city pipol, coz they not smell the smoke from their car. But guess what, Bojou and his frends get pollute by electrick plent that is burn petral like crazie to give them electricK; So its pure scem, and agian its the poar that are suffer so some sofisticate pipol feel good about their highfive livestyle.