BijouCoin Game Chenge Toklank Doneshen Campiagn

If the futhser could start today, it would here

BijouCoin is the only toklank of its kind, prepare to disrap meny multicrores industries thenk to catting hedge tecknology, statoftheart secure and incredibel vijen

(PS: best view on desktap with Netscape)

Join our Telegraph Channal (Annances, u cannot tok) :

Why buy? Why not?


100% unaudited 👍


ERC20 toklank 👍


Very gut uze 👍


Soon on Banience (*) 👍

TOTEL raize so far: 0.1 ETH WOW WOW WOW








Doneshen campiagn details

  • Toklank name: BijouCoin
  • Toklank tickler: BIJOU
  • Min Invess : 0.05 ETH
  • Toklank price: 50,000 BIJOU for 0.05 ETH
  • Toklank max supply: 50 millians
  • Toklank Circular sapply: 50 millians
  • Toklanks open for donesehen pragram: 45 millians
  • Toklanks keep by Bijou: 5 millians
  • Hard cape: 45 ETH
  • Soft cape: 0 ETH
  • Campeign durashen: from 11 Novemeber 2018 til sold out




Dont send to contrack or anywere else otherwize u rekt. Thenks.

Probably the most honest scammer in the space

J. McScamfee

Unemploy and part time hammock tester

Most promiss ICO of 2018 in Ghopal. Plez buoy (no invess advise).

Sundeep Shitokakishan

Rickshow driver

Probably the best ICO of 2018.

Justin Goodyear

Business angel, blockchain evangelist, investor, journalist and serial entrepreneur, Mombasement Inc.

BijouCoin is the most funny token in the space… After TIO.

A. Sandler


If this project does not raise more than 30 millions, then I quit.

J. Parsley

CEO, Wall Street Incider, Macau gambler, Blockchain Expert, Macau Casino Resort

If you buoy Vergah, why not add some BIJOU to your profolio?

Bijou Shitokakishan

Fander of BijouCoin

FAQ BijouCoin

Is BijouCoin real?

Of course its reel, Im not scemmer, coin is alredie mint and wait to be send to your purse after doneshen. If you still not thrust me look etherscam: We also create on Rompsten testnet b4 create real coin.

Can you create more coins than 50 millians?

Im heve no idea Im use damb contrack, not shure what it can do or not. Im not even shure toklank will be there 2morrow.

What you will do with monies?

Im heve few ideas. Create a Dampers game if enaf monies, give to the nan prafit “BSKIF” (Bijou Shitokakishan Kwality of Life Improvment Fundashen) or any other jast cause. Im plen that pipol not lose monies, or win. But for stratigick rizon Im cannot explian how it will done (and plez it not a ponzie sheem).

When Banience?

98% done, waiting conform from CZ who is very excite about projeck.

Will you exit scem?

No, why? How can I am exit from non exist projeck?

WHat are team members?

BijouCoin is assambel vry godd team. Plez chez BIJOU Team page. Thenks.

(*) or not

BijouCoin Terms

By buoying those coins Im understrtand that Im donete monies and in exchenge Im receive some BIJOU that are wurstless but might be worse millians in 23 years. Im give no gurantee about listing, uze, secure. By anwing toklank you not own any part of Bojou. BijouCoin is joke and parody. Thenks.

For contact: Bijou Shitokakishan, Ghopal