Oh hi, so me myself is Bijou Shitokakishan. I from Ghopal, small villege in Punjab, India, near Pakistan boarder. Im grow since childwood in vry artristic femily, Im dence and sing since age 3. Unfortunate this not enaf to feed familie so I also rickshaw driver. Im invest in crypot for a better futsher, so like evryboy in this spece I a blockschain expert and master tradar. I give invest advice to pipol I dont know, shill my toklanks and speak at confrence about subjact I dont full undertrtsrtsand. Im also contribute to The Ghopal Tickle, the villege newspeper. So Im righte artickles.

How contact Bijou?

You can rite me on Twister @shitokakishan or send me emali (hi at bijou dot ovh, if you know what I meen). Or you can come to Ghopal (map below).

Ghopal on map

Bijou FAQ

Why Bijou Shitokakishan?

Plez sar it is very cool neme, no?

Why you rite English so funnie?

Plez sar I do what I can, Im alphabetize since I 30 only. Bijou lenguege is hard fork from Atiq lenguege. It is open ENglish to the mass by simplfy grammer and spell. No proofread require, try it is adopt it.

Are you rayciss?

Absolute not. I love evry race, I just despick Pakistani. Thenks.

Why you so meen?

Bijou so angrieI was good boy, it’s crypot jangel that make me like this. Sarrie, I’m not want hart pipol but it my wey to realize anger. Plez sar this is pardoy, dont be angrie its just littel tickel to loaf.