Here is long wait Bijou Chop that tap into incredibal word wide web potenshel to sell all over the word amzing producks featshuring Bijou Shikokakishan. Chipping in your cantry with 90-180 days. 

Terms. by byuoing producks on Bijou Chop Im understant that:

  • Delivry from Ghopal Post Offis mite teke up to 180 days, if not stole by postmen
  • Sending via ultra-econmy standerd unregister mial: no trace avialabel
  • Bijou is not give no warrenty watsoever about produck. Caler mite change, produck mite change. It can be receive damege, broke, tore, in pisses. Prodock can be packege alreadie broke, damege , tore, scratch…

Bijou Mag

Bijou Mug

Drinck coffee in the moarning or desi daru in styler with this amzing white mag with Bijou. Vry stylish.

PRICE: 500 INR or 6 EUR + chipping (depend which villege u are live)

Bijou Teeshert

If u want pipol to teke you serious you are must dress gut. Goocci cloths is too expencive, so buoy Bojou teeshert mede 110% of GMO synthetick cottan pick by underpay villegers.

PRICE: availebel soon, be peshence

Bijou Nails

Buoy freshly cat and authentick Bijou nails for cheap. For those who are want somthing vry speshel. Supply is limit so order can be delay according to crop of nails. Thenks for understend.

PRICE: on demond


How order Bijou merchandizer?

Eazie, sent mailer to hi (at) bijou (dotter) ovh with order. Im tell you how pay (Westren Union, PayPaul,…), then onse you are pay Im chip the prodack.