Dear uzer, hi. You long not hear about your fevret boy, Bojou, for a wile. I sarrie. As you know a vry nastie dizeaze is spred all over the word. Menie boys get sick, in some pleces haspitels are overwelmed. You are tell to stey homie, only go out to buoy food etc. It look terribel, but you shoud not be scare. We are on the verge of incredibel changes. Cronavirus is just a covar for vry big changes. And Im quite involve. Plez sit coz u not gonna take red pill. Or no dont sit, coz its big red suppozitry.

What is go on, Bojou? It’s simpel. In realty Im Elvis Presley. Sinse feking my dead Im hide as entrainer in India. Im wanted hide from the deap state (and oslo from pipol who are say Im eat too mach bargers). Uzing some secret process Im learn when Im was part of Bingedrinker secret group, Im not age. A bit of plastick surgery, bakschich to carrapt Indian offishel to get documents and Im Bijou Shikokakishan. Thenks.

What proof u have u ELvis sar?

It’s quite stupid rekwest, but ok u want me to state the obvious Im do.

  1. Fyzikal resemblanse: if you cannot see (mainlie the hair), you too damb to read my site. Im ware mastache otherwize its too obvias. Thenks.
  2. Spelling canterversy sinse birth: sinse Im born there big controversy about the spell of my middel name (Aron or Aaron)
  3. Natural born dencer: if Im dence so gut, its jast becoz Im the King, okay?
  4. Im love cheezeburgers. But in India those bstfrks are not sell coz caws are gods or sth. So Im starve and Im skinnie like hell coz Im hete lentils. That’s why Im drinck non stop desi daru.

Yah you Elvis, but why say now?

U mite wander why Im reveal this amzing info after so long time? Well, some time go Im got a phone call from my gut friend JFK. He is part of group who are fiting the deap state with Donald TRamp. He sed : “Elvis slesh Bojou, only you can help to defeat the damons of the deap state. HALP!“. They sed Im can still drinck desi daru while on mishen, so why not? It was vry excite to drive rickshow at beginning, but now Im start pissed by that. So IM think ok lets help this Tramp.

What you do exactlie?

Well, Im spend some time on vry speshel websites under the pseudonim Q++². Im write some strenge staff there so some pipol can underststand whats come, but not evryboy. Why we do that? Not shure, it was JFK idea. He think its gut to worn the deap state that we are about to catch them all. Becoz if we not tell, it will be too eazie, like sleaping mices for 2 big cats. So this is to spicy things a bit. Some will be kill, other jialed. We are still decide what to do. Thenks.

What is going heppen?

Simpel. JFK is in charge of west cost, Elvis in charge of east cost (bstrfk gave Bojou/Elvis the part of lend where all the sick pipol are…). What bout Midwest? Plez sar there no boy from deap state there, only rednekcs. Anyway…

We are lead calams of tanks and will go knock knock manson doars of those basterds rich pipol who are steal Amercia. The plen is then grab them, put them in FEMA camp then we desside what next. Onse we are clean the cantry (it will teke arand 2 weeks), TRamp will order air foarce to sprey the cantry with magick solushen that cure Cronavirus, AIDS, Ebola, SARS, MERS, DK syndrome, OCD, paranoya, skizofrneia and any other know dizeaze over USA. Evrybody will cure like magick. This mirackel medicine has be made by TRamp in between tweets (this boy is vry smert). Then all evil pipol will be ded and Americka will know infinte era of postperouzity and happy.

What shoud I do?

Nothing. If you are not USA you will just have to look and be jalouze. If you are US you will expriense staff that u only read in bibal and see at Davy Copperfill show.