Hi! You are a CEO, shop owner, non prafit boss, crypot fander… Here is the most excite opportunty of the year: become partneschip of BijouCoin? Why? How? When? Read more, but in nutshield its eazie, u heve to do almost nothing, its open to anyboy and u profit.

BijouCoin is alwez in look for pipol to jion the BIJOU revolushen. So we need somboy that are agree to assoshiete their brend with BijouCoin brend. Why do it? Coz u get free BIJOU.

Who can partnerchip?

Become partnerchip and stick classy sticker to improve shop decorate. Thenks

Anyboy who is lead legal entity. We cannot meke partnerchip with regular boys. You have restaurant, hawker, sibir cafĂ©, shop, an organizeshen to save some enamel that live in Anapurna, you are lead another crypot projeck with uzeless coin… You kwelify to partner Bijou

How partner?

Its so simpel. Send email to hi at bijou dotte ovh with sabject “partnerchip”, “partner”, or blenk if you lazie. Rite “Hi,” (Im menshen coz during airdroppe campian some pipol just rite ETH purse address in email to get coin, no polite watsoever… I gave tokaks, but so rude), then explian what you do (or dont do, or pretense to do) and you want partner Bijou. According to who u are Im give propoze.

Why partnechip with BIJOU?

Be partner with BIJOU require no effort beside send email. Most effort is, if you own shoppe, to stick “We Accept BijouCoin” sticker that Im provide. If you not heve fyzikal locate Im just meke story of partnerchip, thats it. In exchenge you will get free BijouCoin. So its win win.

Sticker BijouCoin Partner

Sticker BijouCoin Parner

If you shop owner, dont warrie about “we accept BijouCoin”. If one crazie boy want to pey with BIJOU (vry vry unluckely), you just heve to use an excuse that rite now it not work. With sticker Im give list of excuses, sach as:

  • Sarrie internet is not work Im cannot check transection
  • Ethernaum blokcchain is clutter, gas cost will be more than bill
  • Somwon just heck my ETH purse

So what you wait?

FAQ partnerchip BijouCoin

How much BIJOU Im get to be partnerchip?

Depend, its on caze by caze base. If you prestige u get fewx lakhs coins, if u small fish much less. Email and lets negoshiate.

There no electrify in my villege, can I be partner?

Shure, why not. If no electrify noboy will know what is BIJOU, so u not even heve to give excuse to refiuz BIJOU payment.

What if Im remove BijouCoin sticker from chop?

We heve teams of inspectors visiting all villege. If u are remove sticker we cannot teke back BIJOU as blackchain is immutate. But we can process some display rearrange with baseball bat. Thenk for your anderstand.

Why give BijouCoin for partnerchip if you not benfit?

When Im lend partnerchip Im benefit coz I can pablish news on Twister and block, to show Im do somsing while in real Im just drink desi daru and wotch TV or youtube.

Plez sar stop scemming sticker of shop is not the seme as blow sticker…

BijouCoin is alwez try to improve. First sticker is stickie v1.0, secand is latest design 2.0. Thenks, and plez colm dawn.