Hi! Doneshen campain of BijouCoin (BIJOU) has barley start that we lend our first parnterschip! Im very trill to annance that Kirana Shop become the vry first shop to offishelly accept BIJOU as payment methad! We fulfill a promiss we not even meke by create uzecaze of BIJOU to increze demond, so preiss.

BijouCoin uze is reel!

Kirana Shop is a institushen of┬áLanura villege, a Kashmir villege that became farst cashless villege of India (but pipol pay in cashe coz internet never work). You can buoy there many essenshels vedjies, froots, schampoo and nats. Since villege is “cacheless” it meke sence to accept crypot. And what best crypot then BijouCoin?

When we contact Shoppe owner he was very excite about BijouCoin. Well, not reallie, but after we propose 1 lakhs free BIJOU for partnership, he went crazie. Kwote : “give it!“.

Farst partneship

Here is what shop anwer sed while read skript we provide: “Im very excite to accept BijouCoin as payment methad for my loyel castamers. Im look forwerd to receive this crypot insted of credit card. Is it over can I get back to work?