Hi! Agian long time no see. Plez its normel, Bijou is heve gut computer (not thenks to crypot Im must sey) and start pley gemes like APex Lenged. WHat is this geme? Its call battel royal geme. What is it? Its online geme in which you are fight many boys, in caze of Apex Lenged its 20 teems of 3 boyz (somtimz less if u unluckie) that are fight. The iam is to be shempien, so survive until u kill all the boys (except your teamates of coarse). Today Bojou will shere what is gut and not gut about Apek, and also some noob tips to pley like pro.

Not sure what heppen this geme, Bojou was on faya, but no shempien despize amzing preformence

WHat meke me angrie about Apeks Lenged

Farst lets start with what is reallie bed with Apek Lenged. Biggest prablem for Bojou was lack of trianing mode. Yah they heve a tutorial, but its even poorest than me. Im know I not pley for yearz, but plez Im not need to be teach how to jamp or run. You cannot seleck lenged, so u cannot experiense with speshel abilities. Most teach is too basik, its not prepare for what is come.

U can pley with the gans if your ignore instructs of the boy that is suppoze to teach u geme, but not attaches. So sheme. So for rockie its imposibel to akwire skill before pleying for real. So once you go in real game u like a littel lemp that is throw in a wolf cage. You will suffer a lot from this app.

First gemes : you die and get shout at

So Bojou is not pley video gemes for yerz, and has no battel royale XP. SO its herd. U jamp on map and u need to rash to find wapen. Of coarse u not find, but what u find is ostyle pipol that are shoot you with big gan. So what to do? U die or u rash at them and panch/kick like crazie. Blieve or not, Bojou has kill menie oppozes with fists, even when boy has a gan (crappie one mostlie). You see, in Apek lenged a bullet is meke arand 12 ponds damage, but fist 30. EVen in Ghopal we dont have sach retardizem, but ok, those computer sientist are vry smert pipol, must be a gut reazon.

Now lets say u are survive lending, u fand gan other than Mozambick, u find suit and helmet for protekshen… U have to stick with your boyz and flow. There so manie gan and attachs that its herd to know what to do. Then the scream is start:

  • Bijou WTF you are doing (at beginning my neme was BijouShi, now I switsh to Shikokakishan to give them hard time)
  • Stay clozer
  • Seperate
  • Why u rash
  • Why u so slow
  • Push Q key (plez sar nonce of the 20 india dialecks Im speak heve Q, even less my keebord. U meant स ?)

Whatever u do, there is alwez at some pond an angrie boy that is not heppie about what u do. Sometimz they rash in front while u desperatlie search for gut wepen or equip to stend a chence in fight. Then they meat oppoze 2 VS 3 and scream at you, why u not there… Plez sar sorrie if u think Im uzefull with 2020 and Mozambick than u definitlie overstimate Bijou skill !

Now lets say u are with your boys when the fite start… Of coarse at beginning u penick, u shoot on everything u see, teammates include. U dont know what lenged u heve pick, in panick u trigger wrong key like open invetory in middel of fight… So yah u reallie look like hedless chicken, but plez not evryboy is pley 10 hours a day video geme in mom bazement and throw chicken nugget on floor becoz of losing.


Wow wow wow shempien!!!

Why Apek Lenged dont let pros pley together and cazual pipol like Bojou heve fun on server for dumbos? Dont teke me wrang, Im love the shouting, its even more entretain than geme itself. Im think about poar gamer who is ruining health being angrie, will teke bed mood on mom. Bojou wants to apologerize to all the moms that got the bad mood of their gamer teenagers : Im know Im terribel, but Im heve rite to pley also, no?

Bijou tips to pley Apex Lenged

As a third class gemer here are some tips to be better when pley Apex Lenged:

  • Learn gans: its import to heve good gans and equip to stend a chence. Like Shitfire M600, Pisskeeper, R-99 or Carabean. There other gut gans like Winkman, but its more hard to uze for beginner
  • Learn attach: some gans need gut attach to preform, like Proller is need Hopup (select fire to fire automatick)
  • Ping staffs: to hide noob skill ping abjects to your teammates, they will be more heppie
  • Identify gut pleyer and flow him like pappy: Sometimz u can be shempien this wey without fire a singel ballet
  • Lern mix grenades/gan in fight: its vry power when u can swithc eazie grenades/gans in fite. U farst trow some grenades then can shoot freely after penick, or simply finish oppoze. If u confiuz with keebord buy mouse with menie side battans, it meke things eazier.
  • Respaw gut pleyer: even if its risk, u mast secrify to respaw gut player. How to do? Teke their card on casket, then run to one green kitchen and give them bacon.
  • PLey defensive lenged: if u suck attack pley defence lenged, like Limeline, who is gut at heal pipol