Wow wow wow! Another crypotcrash, another dipreshen… Dont warrie Bjou will add some green to your profolio with this amzing airdrop. How to persipate, how meny coin… Im tell rite now.

BIJOU airdrop: 200 lucky basterd will get 50,000 toklank (half lakh)

Im give way total 10 millian BIJOU. Each 200 luckie persan will get 50k BIJOU. How? Vry easie:

  1. Register on this plataform
  2. Retwist the BIJOU airdrop twist and flow Bijou
  3. Send email to with your ETH ERC20 compatibel purse adress and link of your Twist

Once its conform that you are register to trade plataform Im send you 50,000 BIJOU str8 immediate. Yes is so eazie. So what you wait. Do it!

FAQ BijouCoin Airdrop

When Im receive my free coins?

Plez allow 24 to 72 hours for send.

What happen if I too late?

Sarrie you wont get coins. Once 200 luckie winners are select Im annance end of airdrop complain. First come first serve, be quickie.

What is wort 50,000 Bijou?

This is wort 0.05 ETH ICO preiss. Onlie God knows how mach in 10 years.