You heve persipate to BijouCoin doneshen campaign and hopfully you are receive your toklank, but you are not see them in purse in MEW or Metamusk. Dont warrie its not scem, colm dawn you jast have to add toklank contrack to you purse. Bijou is explian how.

BijouCoin contrack, decimal and tickler

  • Contrack address: 0xbe1ad0ff367d4274cbd6370a0b2392320be66276
  • BijouCoin tickler : BIJOU
  • Decimal : 6

How to add BIJOU to purse?

Just clicke “add token” or “add custom token” or somsing similer and give prameters like above. Wance it load you can see your BIJOUs and dence for joy.