As per revolushen exchenge projeck annance, (TIO) has lost 50 millian toklank after heck of cold purse. WHat is cold purse? It’s electronic hardwear wallet you hide in freazer so noboy is found it. But in caze of TIO one boy found, stole toklank and sell on exchenge. Bed, bed, bed.

WHen shitbtc hit the fen

TIO is warn exchnege to stop trading, but someboys dont lissen, eg HitBTC. Belive or not, TIO has pay monies this shade exchenge to be list… and now they want out coz they sell stole toklank! Irony is Bijou has tell TIO that HitBTC is very bed (coz TIO was saying they list on most reputate exchenge, see screanshote). They not lissen and stone Bijou, and now it is complete shite schow.

HitBtc is not repute exchenge

TIO will ishue new tokaks now. But pipol who bought TIO on ShitBTC and co will not get new toklank. TIO is say they annance on Telegraph, but plez not evryboy is constant on Telegraph. It will be very very bed situate as pipol discover they lose toklank. TIO mangement is quite disappoint in their react, balming somtimz competishen for hack, somtimz wallet manufacture.

So some concludes of this stroy

  • TIO has lost 50 millian tokan but it’s not their fault, it’s competitor/Trezor/whoever else but them
  • ShitBTC is bed exchenge
  • You should alwez consult Telegraph channal to get green lite to buy any toklank
  • You should alwez lissen to Bijou

Edit 24 octrober

According to latest TIO annance ShitBtc tradars must contact TIO to maybie get compensete. Hopfuly pipol will also receive new toklank. But Ghopal Intelligence ServiceĀ  has made investigage on Etherscan. It made schock discovry : hackar address has wizdraw 267 ETH from wallat (ICO?). This eaze to check fact is menshen by noboy, include mangment… Why? plez address of hecker/tief:

Screamshot of transact: can be shure Ghopal Intellgience Service will shere with any informeshen found and fully collbrete to investigashen (yah the 250k USD toklak banty is help, thenks).