Hi user, you wander why Bojou site is not update… So plez Im explian what is go on. Flowing amzing succass of BijouCoin ICO that is raize 0.19 ETH, Im decide to uze gut those monies by create BijouGames startap.

What is BijouGames?

BijouGames is Bijou Shitokakishan offishel video gemes studio. What is video gemes studio? Its pipol who are make gemes so you can entertain when u are boared or no monies to drink desi daru. Thenks.

Rite now we heve meke 5 gemes, 2 moar are in developp.

How Im can play BijouGames gemes?

BijouGames is meke gemes exkluzive for brutwurst plataform (aka betverse.io). So you heve to be peshence and wait integrashen is done, you shoud be abel to play those amzing games in Febrewery 2019. The gemes are the flowing:

  • Knife Bijou : if you feel piss by me myself, you can releaze angree by throw chakus to Bijou
  • Day Trader : buy low sell high and jamp the candels
  • MahatmaQuiz : its mahatmatick geme, you have to find the rite result of calculates (vry herd)
  • Stressful Meditation : its vry herd to explian this geme for me myself, u must reflex and will get angree
  • Clovers Wheel : luck geme with wheal, you can win up to 3 times your steak ; for coplusive gambelers and villegers who are suck at skill geme

Two even moar amzing game will flow hopfully: one pirete game Bijou Angre and one funtastic tennis tabel game in 3 dimenshen.