Hi uzer. Today Im want to adress an big misunderststsand about woter. Manie ecologicks/hippy are cliam there is woter shortege, its preshies like gold and you are must to uze it very shyly. Bulkshit. Bojou is now set reckord str8 with facts and inconvenience true. Thenks.

Woter shortege ? Plez…

Those pipol are funnie. They are say that woter is scare, so you heve to be care. Plez, water is represence +80 % of planet surface. We surrand by water, but still those green crazie pipol are say « hey Bijou stop shawer u criminal. » Our civilizashen is be destroy already by too mach water (deluge), but yah we are must seve. And plez sar notiss its the seme pipol that are say that oshens are rize because some ice cubes are melt. So Im say lets seve Bangladesh by uzing as much woter as possibel. U start understtrsand absurd of ecelogick pipol rite.  Ecologick is pipol who are meke economy in logick, so why its no sarprize they so damb, rite.

Whats all this blue sar? Oh crap its woter!

Woter not disappear like ICO monies

Of coarse when Im say uze woter to save Bangladesh, Im kiddie. Farst Im no heve femily there, second when u uze woter it is not disappear like ICO monies. The drian of your shower is not bleck hole. If u luckie to heve sewage woter is go to some river to feed it. So its gut for environment. If no sewage like Bojou woter is go immediate to fill undegrand woter tank from where is come woter.

If woter is evaprate, it is travel to clawds to meke rian monsoon so that farmer crap is can grow. As your chemist teacher has tell you, in chimy nothing is lose, nothing is create, it is tranceform. So plez stop warry about that leak tap. Thenks.

Even all you familie spend live teke bath, drink, wosh car and fill swim pool, there norway u get reed of all this woter

Other ishues create by hippy lie

Addition to the fact that hippy lies are agianst the most basick science principel and facts, it is also create a lot of pratickel ishues in day life. Here are some thing Bijou is can think of :

Plez Niagra fall stop wasting woter lol

Some piss of advice

Lets go str8 to advices.

  • Bath often, as much as possiblie can : yah some hippy will tell you shower once a week is fine, but plez, there is norway u can attrack weaman if u stinck/stick
  • Bild your awn privete pool : pool is the most strayforwerd methad to maximize your woter consampshen
  • Dont spend crazie monies on plamber: if it leak f9, think about Bangladeshi and pipol living on island with highest pond tall like Bijou, or Nederland
  • Make a cruze : if its still herd to grape this reality becoz hippy is heve brianwash you, or pipol cloze to you are hippy, make a cruze, see from your own eye that woter is the most plenty commodity on our beuaty planet. Byway its call the blue planet, rite ?

See how Peris is look small compare to woter

Conclude (by Captain Obvias)

Water prablem is overrate, compleate musundertsnd of fyzick. Water is never lost, watever u uze is go back to clawds to give fresh rian, or go back to grand to fill sources. It is call the vertshious cyckel of woter consupshen. Most pipol spreading the lie of water ishue are flat earth apologies, in short crazie pipol. Thenks.

More woter. Thenk