Hi, how r you? Im good thenk, today Im want to shere sth a villeger is have bring to my attenshen : micerace.com. Its an amzing consept of online gambeling mede by a few boys with gr8 idea that is to meke race mouses and let pipol watch and bet monies.

How work Mice Race?

Its eazie. You have one boy who is live with 40 mouses (edit 60, Im rezearch thenk) in his bedroam. He has webcams, interent connekshen, one small track for mouses to run and sensar to say who is win race. You can see what it is go on on website. You create accant then u can bet. How depozit? THat’s the onlie prablem, u can only depoze Bitcoin. So yah its crypot/blockschain project, which is mean dont expect big adopshen soon.

300 BTC

300 BTC wow sar I rishe

Uze my referrel to pley for free with 300 BTC (300 sashoshis lol = INR 2 wow wow wow) and enjoy the trill of mouse race : Free 300 BTC to bet on mouces

If you manege to deal with pain of handling crypot then u can bet on mouses. Like hoarses or dogs race, there are odds bazed on previous perform of mouse.

Why mice race is game change ?

Now u can ask Bojou why Im bet on mice race while I can alreadie bet on other enamels race? Plez its game chenge, here why:

  • Compleatly ill-legal operashen : as most bizness involve in blockschain, this is complete ill-legal. The boys are no license, but who care its decentralize rite, flip birdie to othorities RAge Agiant the Maschien style. Maybie u will see one day SWEAT team crashing the boy room and kill mouses with shotgan, imagine the thrill. If u play MiceRace.com u are big bad boy for shure
  • Mouses are also badass and cool : what is more boare than watch discipline dogs or hoarses run as fast as they can? Mouses are not care, they run if they feel like run, somtimz they troll you by run til near the finisher line then run backward, sometime they fall sleep… Its very thrill to shout at mouse and they not care
  • Complete tranceparent : u can see evrything what is go on. You see close shot of mouse so u can assess if she look in good shape. Some pipol are say widraw BTC is no work but who care, there webcam

Bojou tip : when bet on mouse, choose one mouse that is look excite, but not too much. Mouses that are vry excite like McScamfee are not vry focus, they tense to displey eRATick behave. Thenks.