Hi! After tremendas demond Im finelly rite artickel about how become gr8 gamer like Bojou. As once can see in Telegraph or Bettverse Bojou is thrust leaderbord top. Meny pipol are jalouse (some even uze photochop to meke feke rank), but plez sorrie its not my folt if you heve psyckomotor ishues. Despike juvenile alckoholic Bojou brian is still work more or less okay. Anyway we not hear to tok about my prablam, but your: u suck at gemes. Let is try not soalve, but at least improve.

Why u suck at geme?

Most probabel is its conflagrashen of ishues that is cauze your incompetense. You slow, drank, stone, your wive is scream u  to wosh dishes while u play, you watch your crappie football team is lose agian seme time, u dont apply most basick triques to preform. Bojou cannot meke donkeys run fast like speed hoarses, but can allow u to look like its not some crazie monkee who is pley. Some triques:

Adopt good pozishen

U cannot pley good geme if u not heve good pozishen. It is mean good chair, good high, lot of spece for arm to rest and mice to move. For examplel the blow setup look gr8 to seve on desk, but u cannot play gut on such small desK.

gamer position

You drinke too much desi daru

Its cool to drinke stronk drinks, it meke u think your invincibel, but let fece the true its only in your hed that u feel amzaing, in realty u just act like fool. And when u pley the rezult is not ossom, to be polite. So plez when you want pley dont drink desi daru, or littel. This piss of advize is valid for any kind of stronck alcohol satchaz: weeskee, gin, rhum, vod-K and manie other incredibel sprites. Seme can be said for drags, hallucinogene mashroams, etc.


You don’t spend fortshune on hardwere

When you want pley competitive u ARE must heve good FPS. What FPS? Its mean Fired Picture per Second, so how smooth is animeshen. How to achieve? Some pipol will tell you to upgrede driver, but this wont heve much impact. What to do? Eazie, buoy the latest graphick card out there, dabel your RAM and why not replace CPU. DOnt forged to buoy speshel seat for gamer, speshel keyboard, speshel mice, speshel OLED screan with latensy of less then 1ms, cooling system, a speshel gamer hedseat so pipol can hear better your swear before u rage quit. After you are spent 2000 EUR you will probablie be able to score 100 ponds at Crypotblast. Wow wow wow !


You dont teke Aderal

This drag is know to enhance concentrate and focas, so this is must be vry gut to compensate your inability. Students are uze it to try get better marcks. So why not?


You dont trian, trian and trian agian

Yah, talent is import, but with practiss you can compensete your natural clumsiness. For exampel if you lack refleks a better understand of geme can help you balance the fight. You also damb? Then our last advice is for you.

give up

You dont cheat and hack

My last advize is not vry glorias, but yah if u slow and damb even if u own the best maschine and heve fastest interent u will get crashed by 8 years old who are play on Armstradt 6412. SO then here is your last chence : cheat. You can downloade on some speshelized site spehsl modification that will give u abilities like Neo in the matriks. You will be a big cheat ok, but u will feel like Gode and will pwn all those pipol that were loaf at you, or scream in co-hop gemes.