Hi. After tremendas preshure and request from Ghopal (2 villegers ask the kweshtan within 3 months), Im decide to finelly meke a dream come truth : Im create soon BijouCoin, a revolushenry ERC 20 toklank that will disrapt the entrainment industry and probebly the monetry histry.

What is BijouCoin?

BijouCoin is a crypotcurrensy that will be deploy as ERC20 toklank on Etherneum blackschain. It will becom the only payment method accept by Bijou Shitokakishan in a varety of industries waying billians of rupiahs:

  • Rickshow bizness
  • Entrainment
  • Street performence
  • Backschish
  • Etc.

The prablem?

The prablem is all those endustries heve a lot of biltin ineffishencies that are lead to billians lost evry year. BijouCoin and its revolushonery ekosistem will elminate those inefishies, hands helping biznesses to seve lots of monies evry year. The other prablem is this crypot beer market is dipress me, so Im need to get bizie and new challange.

Gie it!

At forst the teem wanted to do eardrop, but give the messive demand that is expect we will sell toklank not to be bankrape by gas cost. Dont warrie toklank will be very sheep, to cover gas cost + lavish new lifestyle in Ghopal.


What will be tickler of BijouCoin? Circular sapply? Total sapplie? Preiss? Im heve no idea now, we still wrok on toklanomix. Only think Im can guarantee is that Im keep for me myself a shitelod of toklanks. Thenks.

My promiss

BijouCoin is no vapourwar. We not hear to shill or do markting stent. So Im guarantee:

  1. No effort watsonever will be meke to markat BijouCoin, no speshel soshel media accant to be create, no coffee distribute etc.
  2. Same non exist effort to develop anything of use for BijouCoin
  3. Avoid listing on exchenge, that is too expencive
  4. Gr8 community of degrenenate and moonbois so we can aim top10 crypot soon

Gut to know

  • Totelly unregulete ICO, flowing best industrial practice
  • Unaudited smert contrack (hopfully we get hack and get free promoshen)
  • No guarante watsonever provide by Bojou that u can do somsing with toklank, excep stare at them on Etherscam
  • No whitepeper/rudemap: noboy flow it anyway, its vry uneffishence methad. In a nutshield: 1. Buy toklak 2. Weit. 3. Spend you monies
  • Coboyz cannot persipate (Dont want be subponey by SEC, Im bizie enugh)
  • BijouCoin ICO is not toklank sale. Its like doneshen, and you get back toklank. So yah its like other ICO but me myself Im honest, the other are cheats.
  • More info to flow, stay tune